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The Pemberton Township Municipal Utilities Authority (PTMUA) is a wastewater treatment facility created by a Pemberton Township Ordinance adopted in July 1969.  In 1995, the treatment plant was renamed “Francis S. Doyle, Jr. Treatment Facility”.

The PTMUA is an entity separate and apart from the Municipality, with seven Commissioners – two being alternates.  They are appointed by the Township Council, to serve five year terms.  The business office /administrative staff consist of three personnel currently serving approximately 6,175 accounts.  The plant operational staff currently consists of one clerk, nine unionized employees and two managerial personnel.

The PTMUA, which has adopted its own Rules and Regulations, services the Township of Pemberton and Borough of Pemberton, covering an area of 64.67 square miles.

The PTMUA owns and operates a 2.5 MGD activated sludge wastewater treatment plant, with both aerobic and anaerobic digestion.  Secondary effluent is designed with tertiary treatment for phosphorus removal and a final process of ultraviolet disinfection, before discharging into the North Branch of the Rancocas Creek, located in the Birmingham area of Pemberton Township.

Biosolids are land applied on 259 acres of farm ground, owned and operated by the PTMUA.  Crops consisting of field corn and hay are grown and harvested on the farm site.  Currently, three million gallons of sludge are land applied yearly.  The land application process saves the PTMUA and its users hundreds of thousands of dollars in dumping fees each year.

The PTMUA manages and maintains a billing office, wastewater treatment facility, land application site, 18 pump stations, over 200 miles of gravity sewers, forcemains, interceptors and inverted siphons.

All operations are monitored by the Division of Local Government Services, Department of Community Affairs for the State of New Jersey and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.

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