Our Team


Bill Butler – Administrator of Operations
Jennifer Rivera – Administrator of Administration

See Contact Tab for Administrator’s Phone Numbers and Addresses

Office Staff

Brynn Lopez – Administrative Assistant
Alaura Braman – Account Clerk

Wastewater Treatment Plant Staff

Douglas Borger – Chief Plant Operator
Sue Ems – Lab Supervisor
Doug Green – Senior Repair Person
Jim Grabitz – Repair Person
Dave Willitts – Repair Person
Alyssa Sechler – Lab Tech/Plant Secretary
Stephen McColligan – Laborer/Truck Driver
John Espenschied – Laborer
Jeff Peterson – Laborer
Vacant – Laborer/Truck Driver
Vacant – Laborer/Truck Driver

Board Members

Jason Allen – Vice Chairperson (term expires 02/01/2020)
Robert L. Bailey – Secretary (term expires 02/01/2021)
Corrine C. Kemp – Chairperson (term expires 02/01/2023)
Adrienne B. Leonard – Treasurer (term expires 02/01/2021)
Donna Lefebvre –  Assistant Secretary (term expires 02/01/2023)
Kara C. Schnure – Alternate Board Member (term expires 02/01/2022)
Dan Hullings – Alternate #2 Board Member



  • John Gillespie, Parker McCay
  • Michael McClelland, Keith Chiaravallo, CME Associates
  • Brent W. Lee, Mercadien P.C.


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